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Learn the basics of trading. Our courses are specifically created to encompass all levels training, starting from square one!

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Our courses have undergone rigorous quality testing and has be raved about by several investors and publications. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Unlimited and convenient 24/7 access to course content. Learn at your own pace and review course material as many times as you need.

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Master the techniques that day traders use on a consistent basis to be one step ahead of the curve.


Trading tools or financial graphs giving you a headache? Our courses come with step-by-step instructions on how to maximize your trading platforms.

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Our trading tools and strategy are readily applicable and effective in real world trading scenarios. Get out there and get started, today!

 For Professionals

Unlock the secrets that hedge fund managers and private equity investors use to valuate financial assets.

 Course Topics

Our range of topics is grounded in sound economic principles alike to MBA, CFA and MFE programs, covering everything you need to know about trading.

 Better Trading

Why stop here? Become a better trader. With our professional training program, the sky is the limit.





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 Stock Certificate Program

Learn How to Trade Stocks. Our lessons deliver powerful insight on order methods, market movement analysis, and forecasting price targets to help you maximize your gains.

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Options Trading Certificate

Options from start to finish: quickly learn the tricks of the trade and how options can net you profit even in down markets. We offer rich detail on little-known concepts, giving you that extra edge over other investors.

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How to Use Think or Swim

Become an expert in Think or Swim. Our powerful tools can help you optimize your portfolio, monitor and trade stocks, and mitigate risk.

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Day Trading Strategies

Do it like the pros! Take your portfolio to the next level with guidance on day trading, hedging risky bets and fine-tuning your assets according to market patterns.

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